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"Lumières Pour Nice"

"Lights For Nice"

Original size (cm): 14 x 20

This painting,  Acrylic and Ink on Paper, was created in Paris, France, in March 2006.

In response to the madness seizing the Planet, the acts of Terror perpetuated throughout the world and particularly, lately,  targeting Europe, In answer to the senseless act of violence and murder in Nice on July 14, 2016, we wanted to give something joyful, a sense of hope, and resolve.

We found inspiration in this painting; it reminded us of the fireworks of July 14 and the magical beauty of the light bathing the French Riviera, and that is why we baptized it "Lumières Pour Nice."

It is our greatest hope that you will enjoy it and share it with your friends, spreading it far and wide in defiance to those who would have Happiness die

"Lumières Pour Nice" is free to download, following the link below. It will also be included for free with any purchase from Claude's Art.

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