Gallery of

Abstract  Contemporary Art

Mug  from: Gerry F., Ormond Beach, USA

iPhone Case from: Robyn M., Los Angeles, USA

iPhone Case  from: Michelle M, Woodland Hills, USA

"Born in France 1931, Claude’s abstract artwork is born straight from the imagination.  With lines and shapes in constant flux, the direction of the art changes just as easily as the creation of thought within the mind.  The color and shapes Claude uses spark an inner dialogue of what is real and what is perceived.  Encompassing the gamut, his work allows the viewer to take a look inside not only Claude’s imagination, but their own imagination, while creating an understanding that not everything we see is truly how it is.

Finding influence from museum and gallery exhibits of 20th century artists, dead and alive, Claude finds joy in his retirement by drawing lines and shapes born from his imagination.  Now residing in Studio City, California, his collection of original drawings and paintings is an execution of his vision and passion."

​Marcus at KIGILOVE

Mouse Pad and Wall Art (Print on Aluminum) from: C. Robert P. Los Angeles, USA


Here  is What People Have to Say About Claude's Art,

and the Fun & Creative Ways in Which They Express Their Enthusiasm for His Work:

Wall Art from: Philippe P., Valence, France

Wall Art (Print on Aluminum)  from: Caroline S., Valley Glen, USA

Family Member and Wall Art from: Shea C., Cabourg, France